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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree — 8 Comments

  1. O Stephanie! O Stephanie!
    magic abides in your hearth and heart.
    such the lovely story, this.

    (i cannot believe you’ve never seen the nutcracker?!)

  2. Oh, thank you! ‘Tis true, ’bout the cracker o’ nuts–I think my folks were too poor when I was younger, and when I was older, there were five of us! I know that dilemma–there’s no way in hell I would have taken everyone, or even an assortment of my kids. Although I’d like to take sweet miss #2 and make a date of it.

    And hey~ where’s that chappie?

  3. i’ll have to tell you one of my *nut*cracker stories someday…
    it’s chipping away, baby; trust me, you’ll be one of the FIRST to know.
    let’s swing a reading come days past wintry mixes. or let’s plan a snow-in at your place!

  4. Wow, was that beautiful. Your children are so lucky to have a mother who loves magic as much as they do. May I repost this in ? It would be credited to you, linked back to this post, and comments would be turned off so that if someone has something to say, they’ll say it here.

  5. This was lovely. I think you did a fabulous thing and it’s wonderful that you had the opportunity to do so.

    Thanks for sharing!

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