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The Studio Tour this weekend was the best ever. I had a wonderful time. I didn’t expect any visitors to come Sunday, and so Andrew and I, with the help of my brother Sean, started working on the virtual tour. It quickly became a much grander project than I had intended, so it may be a few days before it’s ready to be posted. But I promise it will be posted soon. So far it’s a conglomeration of video, Sean’s music, and photographs. But it keeps building on itself, getting bigger and more fun every time we work on it.

Anyway, I ended up getting lots of visitors on Sunday. Friends that I don’t see much at all came out and bought stuff and packed my studio with confidence and good vibes. And from all this feedback and observation of my sales I was able to refine my business plan. The weekend ended with a girls’ night out (as in mother-daughters) to the movies–“Enchanted” Renee loved it in a big way. She was already talking about owning a copy in the restroom of the theater.

Now that I have a solid computer workspace in my studio, with a solid internet connection, I need to get busy on some things!


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