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  1. I love it. And the tie-dye will hide a multitude of sins. *g*

    What I wouldn’t give for a sofa. Hopefully, one will magically find its way here by the end of the year.

  2. My plan was to hide a multitude of sins, because I know there will be many!

    The sofa was only $300, and had never been used, so I thought it was quite a steal! Apparently it was a factory reject because one of the long pieces of velcro that holds the bottom slipcover in place was the wrong side–two soft velcros won’t stick to eachother. Someday I might fix that, then again, maybe not! Hope a sofa’s manifesting for you as we…type.

    Are you feeling any better today?

  3. I love fixable factory rejects. Good for you, and that’s a great price! Kids and dogs do terrible things to furniture. So do cats and adults.

    Well, I’ve only had half a pita bread and some coffee today so as not to tempt fate. However, I’m getting the low blood sugar woozies so dinner is in the oven. The morning didn’t start out well at all.

    If eating sets it off again, I’ll curl up with a heating pad and a blanket and just ride it out. The storm outside just makes me want to hibernate anyway. Besided . . . Antiques Roadshow is on in an hour. 🙂

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