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A friend who is a professor at a nearby university notified me yesterday of a job posted there–a site operator for a precipitation monitoring site on Mount Mitchell. It’s a once a week job that pays well for the two hours necessary to perform the necessary tasks. I got the job. I couldn’t resist. I live so close–you can’t live much closer to Mount Mitchell than here–though even then it still probably takes thirty-five minutes to get up there. But to get paid to go to Mount Mitchell is a little dream come true. I’ll be up there every week, and what a boon that will be to my creative life. You can expect regular reports from me on these trips, plus photos, botanical delights, and paintings.

Here’s two paintings I’ve done of Mount Mitchell:

“Summer Storm on Mount Mitchell”

“Sweet Hands of the Sun”


My New Job — 10 Comments

  1. wonderful news steph! can’t wait to see what it inspires!
    oh, you!
    love the work here: those hands bid me welcome ~swoon~

  2. Thank you! I’m really excited about it! Though I’m not so sure how cushy it’s going to be in wintertime—it’s a Very Cold Place up there. For Southerners.

  3. oh I love that second picture…the sun is just dancing!

    I’ve applied for a position that would ‘give’ me Yancy county and Mt. Mitchell…if it works out…we could perhaps meet up there sometime for a work/art/picnic of sorts?

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