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Sunlight blush into my dreams
in my body the memory of a night journey teems
Weave your light between these two worlds
for in the nest of my heart a miracle curls.

Sleep leave me, your magic to day well threaded
the blossom of night shall not be dead-headed.
May my thoughts fill this flower as a hungry bee
and by magic feet make a holy seed.

Sweet honey we’ll make, and a garden grow
and all these things in ourselves we’ll know
the wild heart, the hive, and the enchanted flower
of dream-truth woven into the day’s each hour.

Shining Ones, in this garden dwell
With holy breath weave your spell
Of the Great Mother Goddess awakened in all
the hive, the heart, the flower, the palm

Sheperdess, tend this garden I am
Lady touch me with your sacred hand
Your fingers restore my deepest sight
And strengthen my heart ‘gainst the sorcery of fright.

Silver is your cosmic thread
that binds me to love through the door of the dead
in that magic hour be my Sun, be my guide
As we walk across the cosmic mountainside.

Sisters and daughters, brothers and sons,
parents and husband, all loved ones
bless them and hold them in your light
weave into their hearts the ancient starlight..

Stars. stars. stars. All hail
the cosmic ocean in which we dwell
the black matter miracle that is the sea
the celestial beings that brought us to be.

Singing of these I wake to this day
of children and meals and the busy world’s bray
In this choir of noise my voice will not waver
O Shining Ones grant me your luminous favors.

Song of the river, song of the Earth,
song of the sky, song of my birth
Our holy laughter fills up the world
As this blessed day begins to uncurl.


My Letter was “S” — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, i have to be honest. I just used the letter-thingy as a structure for a poem that I already wanted to write–a morning poem that rhymed so I could memorize it easily and recite it to myself when the Sun wakes me up. If I actually do all of that I will get an A+ and extra credit for the week.

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