It’s cold this morning. There’s nothing new to that, really, except that I was getting used to the early warmth of the past week or so. Really relishing in it. Back on with the coats and hats! All’s well, though–it’s February, and winter’s time is running out. That’s worth remembering this morning, as we woke to a cold house, the fire running out early in the sleep of night.

This past weekend, in the aforementioned warmth, I made a trellis for my garden out of bamboo (which I would love to show you, but I’ve lost the particular conglomeration of wires to make this possible). I also spread goat goodies in some of my garden beds. There’s a little yellow crocus in my garden, nestled in the remains of the lemon balm, though it’s probably no more after last night’s bite. I’ve also planted some greens under grow lights. In general, I’m making gardening a part of my everyday life, and being sustained by it at the same time.

But the truth is, I want to be doing more, more, more. More painting. More writing. More drawing. More music. And not get lost in the doing so much that I forget to relish the moment. In that vein, I’m outta here, and outside, in the cold, to feed my menagerie and go for my walk.


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  1. Everyone has had a good laugh over my goat story! 🙂 As for my poor bum–it’s quite fine, due to its squishy nature. But it is HIDEOUS, easily the ugliest bruise I have ever had. I keep wanting to share it, to get some good sympathy, but no one wants to see it! I can’t imagine why!

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