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This is my sixth day of being sick and herein I commence with more whining about it.

I’m hoping last night was the turning point, for truly the fever did rise. All persons were sent AWAY, as in leave me the fuck alone, I feel like shit. And when I finally did manage to get downstairs to make myself something to eat (because no way in hell was I going to eat the rat’s ass pizza everyone else had for dinner) I growled at anyone who came near and responded to questions regarding my health with general "like shit" answers.

This morning I ache, but I also tire of aching, so I grabbed my laptop and my down comforter and my daughter’s tiny umbrella, as it was pouring rain, and went next door to where the internet is. And here I shall remain, squandering my time, for what else is one to do? Maybe I’ll post some photos or something. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll catch up on Hollywood gossip or some other such bull.


more viral ranting — 2 Comments

  1. I hope by this hour of the afternoon, you’re starting to feel less like shit and more like Stephanie.

    I’d hug you, but I suspect you’d tell me to fuck off. 😉

  2. Darling, I’d not hug you for fear that I’d contaminate you with this foulness. I am feeling better, just a tad, but more importantly I feel my spirit returning to me. I think she fled the scene for a few days, and I can’t say that I blame her.

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