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Is it really mid-July? Well, then, this is the best month for swimming that there is, and I best make use of it, don’t you think? I did swim today, and then sat on the warm rocks with my dearest friend and talked about my chaotic and often humorous life. Renee paddled about below me, catching minnows or making a boat train with friends. The sky was a perfect blue. Our German visitors are still here, and will be here, my eldest daughters returned safely, with their boyfriends, from their own little summer vacation, and Andrew has a list a mile long of things he needs my help with, web design and marketing stuff. Ah, somehow I’ll paddle through it all, and catch a few minnows along the way, though I’ve heard they taste bitter.

Check out my blog page. I redesigned it today and I’m happier with its look than I’ve ever been!


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  1. Why yes,it is upholstered, isn’t it? Come and take a seat!

    I’m going up to the mountain today, with a friend, and we are going to tincture the St John’s Wort that’s growing up there!

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