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The Purple Orchid B & B where I had a mini artist retreat

OK, Moms.  When was the last time you had a whole house–that wasn’t yours–to yourself? That’s a rare thing, right? I thought I would be relishing in the solitude, but it’s such a drastic change from my daily life that I’ve been a little disconcerted. Also, I was determined to paint twenty something mandalas. I think that was a little unrealistic.

But I’m alright with that, because the solitude cooked up an epiphany, while I was stuggling to construct a flower of life mandala. You know, I follow all these amazing artists (here and here) who create gorgeous mandalas by hand. I am not one of those artists. I always run into trouble getting my circles to link up where they are supposed to, and my lines don’t cross in the right places, and in general things are just a little off kilter.  Really, that should be no surprise.


Yesterday after I botched one flower of life pattern I just decided to do something a little less precise, with more artistic interpretation thrown in.  And I had this epiphany that I can and should be making these sorts of mandalas. Because one of the primary goals of a mandala is to honor energy. Your creative energy, or the healing energy of the Universe, or life energy. That list could go on forever. In the crafting of art, and of mandalas especially, the intent is so much more important than the precision of the lines. And we have to honor the way energy wants to flow through us. 

I don’t know. That was my epiphany. It’s kind of a wordless thing, but there this gold thread of inspiration threaded into it.  The way energy flows through each of us is so healing to the world. But we have to let it flow with our fingerprint. We can’t be anyone but who we are in this moment.

In this moment, I am not a great constructer of mandalas. I do alright. But the energy that flows through me, my consciousness? That’s greater than any flower of life mandala, and focused on healing? That’s a powerful thing that can give birth to new worlds!


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