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I have had long hair for a long thirty minutes. What she told me in the course of the past dozen years, woven a precious relationship with the lovely hemlock has become focused on her healing, which I’ve found is my healing too. The hemlock seed, swallowed, was a gift that she gave me, for I can’t claim the idea of America, in a way that it hasn’t in a very long time. And in my mind’s eye I see Lady Liberty, standing in the Ocean, guiding us through our shadows. O Lady, I say, bless us with a light that will pierce this darkness. Bless us with a light that will pierce this darkness. Bless us with a chant of rain and touch everything with your radiant fingers. Oh, Spring! Spring! How my heart bursts with green and spiced with the dangers of snakes and horseflies.

I was reminded of this yesterday as I stood in the blaring Sun of an Appalachian Spring. But the brilliance of Sunlight on grass is enough. Soon enough the wild frenzy of green will come, and I won’t take a pill. I don’t like the idea of adding on just two bedrooms and then building a small garage apartment for the oldest child. So now it’s time to spoon the honey into cups.

This is where things get dicey. Renee and McKinley have been taking turns in my bed. Usually I enjoy having the bed all to myself, but of course when it’s the only option–husband gone for three more nights–then it’s lonely and sad. So here, next to me, stare into my eyes, and I don’t want to hold these darker thoughts while orgasms of color are exploding in the sky. I spool the thread, wind the sorrow, place it aside, and in its place I find a new love. Venus, Goddess of the Morning and Evening Sky. Venus, mysterious planet of the pentacle. Venus, Goddess of Beauty. Goddess of Love.

You have my adoration.


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  1. I am reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” (again) and when I read this auto post (I tried it four times before I got one I liked, if that makes it any better), it reminded me of that tangle of real and magical worlds, inner and outer…so I’m glad you made this comment, very glad really, because it is encouraging me to experiment with a looser, more stream of consciousness inspired writing. And hey, it’s kind of weird how well the autopost thing worked, don’t you think?

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