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Late Summer, Autumn Comes — 4 Comments

  1. okay this isn’t related to your post but I took this hike with firthoforth recently and snapped this pic:


    Yesterday I was hanging it and I realized the reason I love it so much is it reminds me so much of the your print that she bought me (the one in your user pic on this post). The purples and yellows and black of the tree.

    So I guess I wanted to share and say again how much I love your painting!

  2. and I know it’s so much harder for you…:(

    My midwife told me once she knew summer was over when the ironweed started blooming, and though I resisted that concept then (years ago), now I know it’s true. It’s dead-on Lammas when it starts to bloom.

  3. Well thanks! I’m SO glad you are enjoying it! And your photo is really cool–I can definitely see the similarities. 🙂

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