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Kindergarten Blues — 3 Comments

  1. It’s all about quotas, performance, bell curves, standardized tests, quantifiable results, compliance . . . isn’t it?

    Sad to say, even if McKinley were in, say, a Montessori school, there would be the same kinds of things – they’re just veiled and couched in different language.

    The process isn’t designed to make him hate school. The process is designed to make him a cog in the machinery of society.

  2. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one that thinks this!!! I’ve read a good bit and thought a whole lot about children’s education, and I even homeschooled my teenagers up until last year. That experience is worthy of a book, really, and though it nearly drove me mad, I think it gave my kids things that really aren’t quantifiable, but are certainly precious. Now that they are in “The System” they have something to compare their homeschooling to, and it’s interesting to see their take on things. Well, I’ll start writing the book if I keep on with this subject, but, I’m considering homeschooling McKinley with a friend, whose mother is absolutely one of my most beautiful friends. We both share the belief that children should be outside, outside, outside. Because the Great Mother teaches in Her own way. But it’s such a tremendous undertaking, and I’ve got to have my time better structured than I do now.

    I really don’t want any of my children to be cogs!

    Are you back from London? SO JEALOUS AM I!!

  3. I’d thought about homeschooling Evan, then realized that I’d wind up either hating him or burying the body. He could have been the poster child for “Does not live up to potential.”

    Your kids will be who they will be. You aren’t pushing them into being average by forcing them to participate in all those little things that shape a child – clubs, sports, church groups, youth groups. You don’t set the “cog” example.

    I always said that Evan marched to the beat of a different saxophone. He still does, and he survived a (mostly) public school education.

    Yes, I’m back from London. Tell you what, I’ll trade you one trip for a 10th of your incredible creativity. How’s that?

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