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“I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper-thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it.” 
― Carolyn MacCullough, Once a Witch

An awesome snowy morning means tarot, journaling, and drawing in bed!

What is this alchemy that is the journal?  I’ve kept a journal my whole life, pages and pages written, and when I am practicing the art consistently something happens.  Something deliciously  ephemeral.  This morning, with the winds and snow raging outside, I delighted in using the early winter as an excuse to stay in bed, to write in the last pages of my handmade journal,  and play with my Tarot deck.*

New journal (with a cork paper cover), old journal (Japanese paper cover).

Here is my new journal, which I made with a velvety-textured cork paper cover.  As I was writing yesterday I thought about how we were so close to All Hallow’s Eve, the ancient Celts New Year. I leafed through the pages of my book, nearly full now with Summer’s travels, doodles and drawings, and lots and lots of words.  It occurred to me that I would be starting my new journal with that ancient and holy day of transition, the oldest new year.

Threading intention through my new journal. I decided to set an intention at the beginning of the journal, and to remind myself of this intention, I doodled threads weaving through the pages.  Some of the pages have celtic weavings, some just simple doodled embroidery.  I’m hoping this new journal carries me to Imbolc, in early February, when the first stirrings of Spring tremble upon the earth.

I haven’t set my intention yet.  I’m holding off for November first.  I’ll light a candle and ask my ancestors for their guidance and support.  I’m hoping this new journal carries me to Imbolc, in early February, when the first stirrings of Spring tremble upon the earth.   For now, the season of Winter approaches, and my contemplative nature looks forward to the gray and emptiness, the spread of the night sky and brilliant moonlight.

*I was raised to consider Tarot a device of evil, and so my sweet mama is probably not happy to see one here.  But I was also taught to embrace serendipity as a way to receive affirmation or guidance from spiritual beings, whatever name you might give them.  Alas, dear mama, some things we are taught as a child stick to us, and some things do not.  And for me Tarot is a way to engage serendipity and receive guidance.  And the Beautiful God that made you also made me. I trust the inclinations of my heart.


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  1. A beautiful post Stephanie… I love the symbolism of the tarot… its a magical way to gain insights into your intuition and unconscious mind. <3

  2. Thank you, Caroline! I recently bought a new tarot called the “The Celtic Wisdom Tarot” by Caitlin Matthews (who is an amazing resource for all things Celtic) and have really enjoyed it! It’s my third Tarot deck so far. I also like using them as writing prompts. Do you have a deck that you use?

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