I have started a new writing project, since every time I start to write a blog entry, I bore myself!  So I’m trying something different.

I take pleasure in writing about those moments in our lives that are small and subtle, yet hold some kind of magic, as if a window has opened inside us, and thus expanded our awareness of our world. Even so, these are just moments, so delicate and fleeting that they live on the periphery of our memory.

My goal is to write an ongoing series of these moments, micro-fiction of 500 or more words. I’ll put links here, and keep them posted at my web page.

Here’s the first two:

“February Woman”
There were Lego pieces everywhere.  Tiny bits of plastic color spread across the carpet, on the bathroom counter, on the stairs.  It had become such a habit for her to gather these pieces and toss them in the bucket that she was mindless in the task…

“View from the Window”
The girl’s bedroom was pink.  She did not ask for it to be pink, nor did she like the color.  It was her room, though….


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  1. I just love your Blog! I am new at blogging and may need some tips! LOL We follow one another on Facebook. I just love your paintings. They just shout out at you and come alive before your very eyes!

  2. Rita, thanks so much for your continued appreciation of my work! I’ll have to think of blogging tips…I’ve kept a blog for some time now, but sometimes I’m still at a loss of what to write! 😉

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