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I wake to cool air and fall back asleep, only to be awoken again to a terrific rainstorm. It’s not a bad way to wake up at all–thunder and flashes plus a deluge pleasantly stirs the senses while also reminding one of the deliciousness of the warm bed. And with it being summer, there’s no pressure to rise. So I laid in bed and woke slowly. I should also mention the cherry on top of it all was the hot cup of coffee delivered to me by my husband.

At some point in all of this I remember that I had left some seed packets in the garden yesterday afternoon. So today I must plant whatever I can of those assorted squash seeds now lying damp in their envelopes next to some johnny-jump-ups and parsley. And while I’m at it, I should probably rid my garden of some more slugs. All this rain has made them prosperous, and wiped out lots of my plantings.

Ah, the garden. I’m there everyday, and it’s really amazing this year. The paths are hoed, and the packed soil feels delicious to the bare soles of my feet. Right now the firepinks and tennessee echinacea are blooming, along with the spires of blue & pink speedwell which were some of the first residents of my garden. All the other echinaceas in my garden are about to bloom, as are the lilies & elecampane. The calendula and borage volunteers were prolific this year, and I’ve transplanted as much as I could to assorted spots in the garden. They are also starting to bloom, and there really is nothing to compare with the vibrant yellows & oranges of calendula. I will pick as many of their blooms as I can and dry them–but not yet, as they just started and I can’t bear the thought of picking the first flowers. There will be an abundance of them soon, nearly everywhere, and besides, the borage is blooming, and I pick the cool blue stars and snack on them while I work in the hot sun. They taste like blue cucumbers. Renee wanders about the garden, sometimes helping, sometimes in her own world, but she picks them too. Between the both of us there’s more than enough, and will be, until the cold returns months from now.

Aside from flowers there’s also lots of basil plants which I bought at the local greenhouse. They were rather yellow when I bought them, and now they are flush with green and starting to grow. Luckily the slugs don’t take to the basil, and indeed most of the herbs, but they do like beans, and I’ve got lots of those coming up–scarlet emperor & golden nugget–and soon my kentucky wonder beans will be coming up. And I’ve still more beans to plant, dry beans like jacob’s cattle and yin yang. Peppers, lettuces, assorted greens, tomatoes–all of these are doing well. And I’m already planning ahead for my winter garden.

All of this gardening means I’ve not been in the studio. It makes me a bit restless, but the garden is so delightful, such a pleasure, and one limited, for the most part, to the days of summer. I think I won’t regret it a bit, when I’m eating dilly beans I’ve canned come Thanksgiving. I know I’m not regretting it now. My mom says you do what you want, and every morning I put on my sun hat and walk through the garden gate, smiling.


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