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Imoblc, a patel painting by Stephanie Thomas BerryBeloved,
I have walked so many seasons
staring at my shoeless feet
mourning the lack I thought
named me–

And if your exquisite presence
drizzled soft into my awareness
If I beheld the radiant life
that is your body
still I turned to my dark mirror.

Thus have I walked my life to come
to this day that marks
the stirring seed of light.
This is my day of hope
when the invisible stretches small-fisted and
brightly kicking
in the dark womb waiting
for my birth
and her greening.

How can I separate my darkness from yours,
my Beloved?
Surely we have suffered as one and now
it is time–
for what is unborn in you quickens
as my belly swells with strange light–
I’m anointed with the knowing that
the matter that makes you, makes me
and the making of us all is
Our Great Mother.
We are her body and
holy stuff.

This is the cloak I shall wear
and shoeless remain,
feet dressed
in the wild dust of Life.
What darkness dwelt in me is now
the seed husk that opens
and holds
the jewel of Earth.

Let me be your mirror, Love
Let me show you your light.


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