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Junges Mädchen am Herd
by Richard Eisermann (1853-1927)

It’s Monday, a fine day for sharing a poetry recording, so here’s a short and sweet poem I wrote in the kitchen.

      How it Happens - Stephanie Thomas Berry

How it Happens

I rinse the dust from the beans
and soak them for an afternoon
unti they are black with a bruise of purple
then comes the seal
the tight room of the pressure cooker
the click and hiss of the flame
the boiling, contained.

Knife blade pressed against the heart
I split the avocado open
and cut the creamy flesh into a bowl.

Everything is on fire,
no longer whole
on the cusp of alchemy:
the garlic, pounded with salt,
the rice, steaming under the glass,
the red pepper, sliced and wet on the cutting board
everything is whispering
now is the time
now is the perfect time
to be happy.

–stephanie thomas berry



How it Happens — 2 Comments

  1. I love the painting, and your voice is the most lovely sound I’ve ever heard! When I heard your poem, I thought of “Little Women” and “Anne of Green Gable” when the ladies recite lines beautifully.

  2. Thank you, Mollie! Your compliment has made my evening. 🙂

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