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Good morning, friends! I mentioned in my introduction that my family and I live in the Southern Appalachian mountains, in a solar powered home, etc. I wanted to share with you our vision, and its unfoldment, because it is so exciting! When Andrew and I first bought our house five years ago it was magical. So I’ll start my story there.

Some five plus years ago we were living in a small house, at the end of a gravel road, at the top of a cove, in a remote area of NC. We loved where we were living but the public school system was terrible, so I was homeschooling. My oldest daughter, who at that time was about 12, came to me one night and begged to go back to school, because she missed her friends. The school system was SO BAD that I could not fathom sending her back there. The only other option that seemed viable to Jason and I as we discussed this matter was a private school one county over. So we decided to just look into houses there, see if maybe there was something we could afford.

At the time we owned two houses: the small (900 sq ft?) frame house we lived in, and 2 miles down the road, the older, smaller, and sturdier house we operated our business from. Together there was a good amount of equity, especially in the house we lived in, since Andrew had gotten a lot of work done to it. Anyway. I’m looking at houses on the computer, and Andrew is looking at houses in a Real estate mag. We both, independently, take great interest in the same house. We decide to go look at in the next day. And we fall in love with it.

Looking back I’m not sure why we didn’t see all the major flaws this property had. But this is where the magic comes in. The women who owned the homes adjacent to ours had done a ritual the very night that: a. my daughter expressed he overwhelming desire to return to school, b. Andrew and I had discussed moving to the area near the private school, and c. we had both found the same house independently of each other. At first, I don’t see how it’s possible to buy it, since our equity is tied up in two houses, both of which we would need to sell. My parents call and I tell them about it. My Dad shows great interest in helping us buy it. So we move forward. In the end, we bought the house with my parents’ help, so that we wouldn’t have to sell our houses to buy this one, which could have taken a long time. h There was also the issue of our credit, which wasn’t great, although we could have made it happen. Instead, they took out a loan to buy the house, and for the eight months or so, I think, they made the payments on the house. (Thinking back I remember what a crazy time that was. My youngest wasn’t yet one, we had a business, five kids, and lots of junk at both houses because my husband is one of those genius pack rats.) Then in August of the next year we sold the smaller house, paid my dad back in full, and took up the payments, though the loan was still in his name.

We built up one of our businesses (we actually had two). We sold one. And we fixed up the small house in which we had lived (after some rather grand disasters). Two years ago we sold that house for a very nice profit. With a business sold and the house sold we had a lot of money in the bank, and we renovated our current home so that it actually suited the needs of a family with five kids (lots of small bedrooms) and installed our solar panels, etc.

And now we are buying the house next door! I


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