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detail, nearly finished painting

I am getting excited because I am nearly done with this painting that I started way back in May. I work very slowly, in part because I absorbed deep into my being my role as the tortoise in my fourth grade school play. The homestretch is a peculiar mixture of triumph and relief, even when you   m o  v  e      v  e   r   y      s   l    o    w     l      y.

septagram mandala, detail of new work in progress

When I am done I will jump (turtle-like) into another piece that already has most of its prepwork done.  This next piece has been in the ether for years now (as is the case for most of my paintings). And it has a septagram mandala in it. That mandala of sevens was pretty tricky to construct, and still needs to be painted. I’m anticipating, with some anxiety, the fulfillment of its promise!  At some point I will surely think it is a failure, as always happens, but usually by the homestretch I’m satisfied.



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