Moth as Metaphor
My curiosity was piqued by the names of moths:
Prometha, Io, Harnessed Tiger

I began to think of the moth as a metaphor for women’s stories.
Stories that whisper through the night, richly dressed, rarely seen. 

Moth as Metaphor will consist of at least 13 moth paintings paired with writing that explores the stories hidden in their names.

(Though at this time I can’t be sure that it won’t evolve into something much bigger than my initial vision. The moths are winging into something deep and mythological!)

See the Moths unfolding here.


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my Studio:
Wonder and Dust

That’s the new name for my studio, and once I get my sign painted I will be hanging up my Open sign on afternoons, Tuesday through Friday, and maybe some Saturdays. You can get updates best through Facebook and Instagram.

AND when I am open I will have some amazing hand-painted t-shirts available for sale!

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