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  1. Oh, let me step back a bit, because I made a little mistake! I just had giclee prints made of the green woman and the painting in my previous post (“Breathing light”..the one with the pine trees and hawk). I also have prints of “The Dappled Giants” but they are not technically giclee. They are printed with a high end Epson on Kenaf paper (tree free and great for prints, the Kenaf receives the ink beautifully, and the colors stay so vibrant), just a little smaller than the original size. The Kenaf paper is a tree free paper, and I package them in recycled paper folders. I sell them for $20, but I’ll sell it to you for $15 because I still owe your husband money for the book he sent to me a good while back when he was cleaning out his books. (“Dream of the Earth” by Thomas Berry). Please buy it so I can be one step closer to debt free! 😉

  2. GAR! she’s so incredibly, amazingly beautiful. all your work is. and i think the luminosity comes through the longer you look at them!

  3. No rush on my end! Why don’t you pay me when you get the print? I’ll probably send it out on Tuesday.

    email me (stephanie @ woodbyrd.com) with your info…

    thanks so much! You have really lifted the vibe of today for me!

  4. If the weather were warm enough, I would love to be with the ‘dappled giants’ right now, with no other human around for at least 10 miles. Listening to the soft wind in the leaves, watching the clouds paint fleeting dimness on the mountainsides. aahhhhhh.

  5. I’m actually trying to sort that one out today. Prints of my smaller works are $20, but my larger works have a much higher overhead, and the prints are bigger…somewhere around $150 is what it’s looking like.

  6. I’m a Deep South girl, born and raised in Mississippi, from which I fled as soon as I was able, to yet another highly conservative area…the rural mountains of NC. Fortunately, lots of other cool people have been moving to these mountains for years, AND a lot of the folks who have been here for generations are fascinating and inspiring as well. So, yeah, I live in a wonderful place.

  7. Ay, but I can assure you it’s freezing and windy up there right now!

    They are the Blacks, in Western NC, and I live at the foot of Mount Mitchell.

  8. i’m from georgia originally, about 30 miles southeast of atlanta, & fled as soon as i was able, making multiple attempts, & ended up in boulder, a sea of blue in a state of red.

    i live in a wonderful place, but for how much longer i don’t know.

    & i’ve been hearing more & more about people flocking to the carolinas. which def. is gorgeous.

  9. Yes, but also quite close to Atlanta…I live in an island of blue surrounded by a vast and stormy ocean of red dotted with little blue boats.

  10. Mitchell is the highest one of the lot, if I recall my Smokies correctly.

    I’ve only visited the area in the summer; I can’t stand the cold at all.

  11. I really like the first one…where are you being shown? do you other local galleries? we can’t be that far from each other – I’m in Asheville. I would love to see your work ‘live’

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