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After much planning, having been delayed and rained several times, McKinley and I finally got started with our Friday hikes with his homeschooling buddy Jake. We started with a rigorous one–Colbert’s Ridge, which begins just a few miles from our home, and from there goes only up, up, up. It was no small feat to motivate the boys to continue on, McKinley especially. One hundred yards into it I was carrying his backpack on top of mine, and after our lunch break I put Toby’s leash around my waist and started pulling him up. He was just plumb tired. But I was determined, and it all paid off, because both boys were mighty pleased with themselves when we made it to the rocks and saw this:

The trail continues to go up, all the way to the ridgecrest of the Blacks, but there was no way McKinley could be motivated to go any further, nor could I pull him any further.

I am already sore, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of dinner. Andrew has gone to fetch dinner, and earlier he got the hot tub rolling again. Hopefully it will be ready this evening. The nights are cold again–this morning we had our first frost. My garden suffered only minor damage, which is good, because I’m still harvesting borage and calendula flowers to cheer my winter nights.

Next week, Table Rock.


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  1. I’m amazed that everything is still green on the summit.

    Lovely, and I know what you mean about dragging kids up a mountain. Nowadays, it’s all I can do to hike a gentle slope. I’m enjoying your view.

  2. This time five years ago the colors were at their peak. Four years ago there was no color at all, it was the end of October and everything just sort of shriveled from a dull green to brown. That was so depressing. The view from Table Rock next week is 360 degrees, and I’m betting by next week there will be much more color. There is color up on the ridegcrest of the Blacks, but the rocks we made it to are not quite the summit–the trail continues to go up, in a climbing sort of fashion. Someday I’ll make it to the top, when I’m not hauling kids.

    I’m happy to share the view, though I could paint it so much better than photograph it!

  3. It really was spectacular, and the sky was magnificent. I wish I could have caught more of it, but unfortunately I don’t have the skill with a camera that you have. 😉

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