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I had the pleasure of having a poem my poem Guard the Night appear in the summer issue of the literary journal Appalachian Heritage.  I had a little happy fit when my copy arrived in the mail and I saw my name right above Wendell Berry’s in the contributors list. Getting published is such a lovely affirmation!

Anyway, on Friday I thought I’d make a little recording of the poem to share.  I do love the music of poetry, the intimate voice, far and above the page. Considering the content of the poem it seems rather appropriate that there are dogs barking in the background. They are kinda hard to hear, though.   Have a listen, and let me know if you hear those rascally canines.

      Guard the Night - Stephanie Thomas Berry

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“Guard the Night” appears in Appalachian Heritage — 4 Comments

  1. Just a note to say I adore this poem! I have read it a number of times… favorite favorite favorite. Thank you for writing it!

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