J has chicken pox. It has totally sapped his energy. Today is the fourth day.

Renee also has chicken pox. This is her second day. She’s doing alright, best when she’s doing something and not laying about moaning. She’s going to miss out on a birthday party that she was really forward to, and most likely we will not be traveling to Mississippi to meet their new cousin. I haven’t broken this news to them yet. I’m trying to plan some other outing to substitute. Sand.

Right now she’s out on the deck playing with the eggs we dyed yesterday. I suspect we’ll dye more later. We have the pretty Aracauna eggs–mint green, pale turquoise, and pale olive eggs. Eggsellent for dying (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

McKinley is also home from school, not because he has chicken pox, but because the possibility of him spreading it makes the school nervous. I don’t mind at all–it does make sense–and really we’ve been enjoying ourselves.

Spring Break is next week, so I don’t have to fret about school things for days and days. The contrast this provides to my normal state of existence has me wondering at my normal state of existence. I am under constant, self-inflicted stress. Gotta change that! Sand.


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  1. Awww so sorry to hear your household is under the weather. Not sure whether that is harder on the kids who are sick or on Mom who has to look after them all and try to keep them happy.
    And about that self-inflicted stress….Stop that! ;p

    I take it sand is calming to you? Me too, btw…

  2. Well, I’m really glad I don’t have chicken pox, to be sure, BUT I will be SO GLAD when this storm has blown over! The sand reference was my planning to go to the beach with my kids, but it looks like we might make it to Mississippi after all…

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