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I’m an INFP, according to Myers-Briggs (that’s Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling Perceptive) and this means I have a lot of unfinished projects.  I’m thinking about them this morning, because today is a studio day.  I’m considering which of my many unfinished projects I want to work on.

  1. My deciduous Magnolia painting.  It’s very close to being completed, so it would be good to push it a little closer to that finish line.  Though I doubt I’ll actually finish it today. I have trouble working on paintings for more than a couple of hours.  I get bored.
  2. The second large painting in my sacred geometry series.  This particular painting has been living in the imaginal realm for a good long while and I’d like to start bringing it through the portal into manifestation.  Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that what I have already on paper is not going to work.  Which means I’ll need to start over on constructing the very complicated septagram. Or just go with it. I probably should just go with it.  INFP’s are perfectionists, so letting go of that a little bit might be good for me.
  3. I also want to do a series of small paintings from our trip to Acadia, and I already started one.  Small paintings are fun, though they tend to remain unfinished more often than large ones.
  4. There’s writing projects, too.  I’m working on a collection of poems that play with different forms.  There’s also a Tiger Poem that I’d thought would be fun to illustrate and put together as a book.
  5. And then there’s the nuts and bolts sort of stuff.  Cleaning my studio, for one. Researching journals for possible submissions.  And I have a bunch of paintings that need to be framed.

And in all of this there is an underlying question that begs to be answered:  Where am I going with all of this?  And honestly, I don’t know.  As an INFP, I am all about process.  I also like to do things in an untraditional way.  So maybe I can figure that out, somehow, that question of destination, while I make my merry way through the forests of my imagination.


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