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Today the Moon was in Libra, after a stint through Leo & Virgo, which are barren signs.  While it would be ideal to be weeding during such barren times, such has not been the case.  So today I tried to make up for lost time, weeding (because there is SO much to be done) and also planting Marvel of Venice Pole Beans and some luscious Johnny Jump-Ups I purchased at one of my local greenhouses.

Libra is “a moist, fruitful airy sign. Good for grains & root crops. Especially good for flowers,” according to The Almanack.com, whose monthly almanac I save to my desktop and check frequently.  I intended to plant more potatoes today, since the Moon is in such a good sign for them, but alas, I spent a good portion of my day helping with the new floor in my outdoor kitchen.  More on that tomorrow.

Even with all the weeds the garden is gorgeous.  I’ll get those potatoes in the ground.  Plus lots of other stuff.  My white peonies are blooming, and my pink peonies are about to.  I really love my peonies!

This morning I got up at six–a very strange occurrence indeed–and picked this bouquet from my garden:



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