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calendula, motherwort, spider plant, yarrow,
lemon balm, elecampane, valerian, hollyhock,
vitex, foxglove, st johns wort, lupine,
south african pearl daisy, butterfly weed, narrowleaf echinacea, morning glory

This is what we do on cold nights…dream of the flowers we will meet in the summer


garden collage #1 — 4 Comments

  1. Those morning glories look like portals into another dimension.

    It always tickles me senseless when I find that they’ve taken hold somewhere in the yard and are making their way around a tree, bush, or up a drainpipe. We only see the pale blue ones, though.

    Are you familiar with an odd little climber called a Cardinal Vine? There was some growing at the last place I lived, and I saved some seeds. All of a sudden, there were these cardinal red STARS on the fence! The foliage was of the feathery fern variety. I understand it’s self-propagating once it takes hold . . . I’ve only got a few seeds, but I’d be happy to mail some to you if you think you’d like them.

  2. It’s so funny that you’re offering those seeds. My grandmother, who lives in L’ville–st. matthews area–gave me some last time I visited her. along with some hollyhock seeds and hibiscus seeds. For some reason the hollyhock seeds are the only ones I’ve planted, but I’ve got a bag full of the cardinal vine seeds, and I’m looking forward to planting them on my arbor this Spring.

  3. LOL Then I guess you don’t need them. I understand that you have to soak the seeds and nick them prior to planting.

    Maybe I’ll find a place to plant them here, finally. They were such an unexpected blessing.

  4. Oh, thanks for the planting tip. I guess since grandma says they self-sow, I could try just throwing some out there now and let the weather do the soak and nick…but then the chickens would probably eat them, since they’re free-ranging right now…

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