Pale Beauty, a pastel by Stephanie Thomas Berry featuring the Pale Beauty Moth

In the fading light of dusk a waxing crescent hangs on the horizon. A Pale Beauty moth emerges into her first night, dressed in the ephemeral wings of her ancestors. She is surrounded by paper birch leaves.

Like the Moon, she is just emerging, cast with the shimmer of new things. Vibrant and untouched, her wings have not lost one scale.

There are many Pale Beauties cocooned within us, things that have been tucked away, sleeping, waiting for their time to emerge. But we are hesitant to release them. We want to protect the pale beauties of the world, whether they be our own children, or our ideas, or things we have crafted from our hands and hearts. We do not want them to lose one scale from their luminous wings. We do not want them to be the meal of a bat or owl.

But release them we must, for the world needs their newness, their perfect color, their shimmering wings. And yes, their wings will tatter, and the owls will eat, and the Moon will grow full. And some will return to us, heavy with eggs, and stories, and as the Moon folds herself into darkness we will find ourselves once again holding the dark grains of secrets. We will find the Earthโ€™s potent imagination quickening within us once again.






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  1. In our orchard of course……..about mid-April, the tight buds on the apple trees start out a soft green. Then they start to open and show a soft pink bud. After that, the blooming process continues until each blossom is fully open…….a soft white flower appears. Many on each tree and so fragrant. The humming of the bees polinating each flower is like music for the orchardist. This is SPRING.

  2. The first flowers of the spring to emerge here in the upper midwest is the pale beauty of the shimmering white petals of blood root. They have been the first for me to see each year since moving here. When I see their beauty on the hill sides and along the paths I know spring has arrived.

  3. Looking out to the East at all the winter trees with their bare, leafless branches–all is cold, quiet and waiting for renewal. Suddenly appearing in the white barked birch [and akin to a miracle] two [not one] pairs of bluebirds scattered among the branches! Perhaps there will be spring to end what seems like a forever winter…

  4. I am looking for the bloodroot now, as I trek up the mountain just about every morning. There’s a rock shelf along the path and they bloom there. I share your appreciation for them! Thank you for participating in my giveaway. <3 Stephanie

  5. I saw bluebirds in the forest just the other day, too! It was such a thrilling thing, and I think they were bluer than I’ve ever seen them, though of course that doesn’t make any sense. The angle of the light, perhaps? Because they aren’t really blue, they’re just amazing blue-light reflectors. Thank you, Judy, for participating in the giveaway. <3

  6. I am coming to Celo Tuesday afternoon for my spinning group. Will you be in your Studio?

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