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Except for the few spots that inevitably miss my eye in the flourish of finishing a piece, I can finally call this piece finished.  The photo above is just a little iPhone photo.  Eventually I’ll have something of a higher quality.

The big paintings are always a journey unto themselves, and this piece is no different.  And so, just as when arriving at the summit, the destination, the beautiful view, I am at a loss for words.  I can only look over my shoulder and say that I began this painting years ago, as an idea that surely chose me, and that at one point I was threatened with losing the whole trip altogether if I didn’t quit procrastinating and get on with it.  Who does the threatening?  Who gifts the ideas?  Who tells us when we must begin that journey, that quest?  The answers seem to elude the rational realm of words, but I am certain today that  the Spirits are pleased.  I have a deep sense of completion and gold in the heart.  Tomorrow, or maybe next week, I will probably look at this painting and consider myself a failure.  Such is the nature of my work!  I’ve been at it enough to know how it rolls.

On a more technical note, I can say without doubt that this piece did not turn out at all as I had planned, but I learned a lot–both technically and intuitively, about working with these layers of sacred geometry and landscape.   My next big painting, which will be exploring a similar theme, will be undertaken in a slightly different manner, so as to enrich the layering aspect of sacred geometry with landscape.


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