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It’s morning, I’m drinking coffee, and I’m on the computer. A bit of a ritual.

McKinley stayed home from school today—yesterday when he came home from school he was complaining of being worn out and sore. I thought we’d take no chances today. Dose him up on Vitamin C, and let him work with his Dad on an Aquaponics project. Yes, my husband wants to grow fish, and came home last night with a bag of goldfish and another bag of two tiny catfish that look more like sharks. He’s wanted to do this for years. The water will circulate so that the fish poo can fertilize a hydroponics system. This is just J’s kind of thing!

Meanwhile the school year winds down, and Renee’s class program is today at noon. Plus there’s squash plants to put in the ground, more tomatoes, tomatillos, celery, more basil, more parsley, even a ginkgo tree is waiting for a good spot in the ground. Today’s a good day for it–it’s overcast and likely to rain. And last night a wild thunderstorm moved over, spewing hail and throwing lightning very close–thunderbolts out the window, and in the valley. So there’s lots of good sky-nitrogen in the ground, thanks to that lightning. A garden day it is. If it rains later I’ll go to my studio.

Last night a made a Facebook page for my art business. I’ve already been getting some sales just by posting things here and there on my personal Facebook page, so I thought I’d get viral with it. I am determined to make an income from my art! I even bought a little Facebook advertising, which was easy enough–you can set all sorts of interesting parameters with your advertising–and it was a tiny, tiny investment. We’ll see what happens!

And a word about Facebook. I think it’s a great thing, pretty much. I don’t get out much, and yet there are so many people I’d like to have some sort of connection with–relatives, old friends, new friends that I don’t see much because…I don’t get out much. But it is a bit on the addictive side. Like all technology I suppose. Last night at the dinner table I mentioned (after the phone rang–we don’t answer the phone while we’re having dinner) that I thought it would be nice to not have a phone, at least, not all the time. And yes, I’m talking about a landline. Cell phones don’t even work out here where I live. I’m a strange mix of modern and old-fashioned, I suppose. I love technology, but seriously, as soon as I have some extra money I’d like to buy some Amish-style washers from Lehman’s. But that’s another post altogether.

p.s. If you’re on Facebook, & haven’t already (thanks

& !) mosey on over to my art page and be a fan. It really will make my day!


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