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Radiograph I dreamt awhile back of Radiograph pens.  I’d never used them before, and when I woke up all I remembered was that I had purchased a few in my dream life.  It took me several weeks, but I finally purchased one (and later a set) in waking life.   I’ve been having so much fun with these pens!  This is a page of pinecones  that I drew with the very thin 005 Micron pen.  I have more pinecones saved up to add to my growing collection of pinecone drawings, but I’m so busy with other projects, that those prickly fellas might just have to wait for their portrait session.

Bluets in progress

And here is a little pastel painting I started today of those darling bluets that I love so much.  I can’t decide if I love them because they bloom in such cheery groups, or because they are that wonderful periwinkle color that makes me so happy.  Hopefully I’ll be finished tomorrow!

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