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Sunday was a very quiet day for us.  Even though the sky was brilliant, the wind was excited and determined to keep things cold.  We stayed inside for the most part, except that at some point in the early afternoon I could not pass up the teasing sunlight.  I went for a walk. Simon and my shadow were my companions.

It was really quite cold.

The trail to the river will be covered in Spring Beauties in a month or two.

But for now the finest greenery is little bits of moss on the smooth and muscled trunk of an ironwood tree.

Here is the bend in the river, exaggerated by my camera.  To the left there used to be a huge log that spanned the width of the water, but the heavy rains of this Winter have washed it downriver somewhere.  It was there for several years, brought by the flooding river, taken by the flooding river.

First page in my new journal.

I went back inside and played with my new journal. Which is most of what I’ve done all day.  Just think, soon I’ll walk down to the river and there will be flowers!  FLOWERS!  And then I can share them with you.



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