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I’m sitting outside on my deck. It’s really more like a glorified balcony, since it goes out from my second-story bedroom. It is warm today, and the birdsong fills the air. My dogs Oscar and Toby are out here with me, as is Frost, our luscious white micro-Lion.

The day after the start of Daylight Saving is always a bit of a grind on me, and today especially! I slept poorly, thanks to the silver moonlight cascading in my room, but also because of the delicious Brain Freeze (a wicked concoction of ice, espresso beans, coffee, chocolate, and whipped cream) that I drank yesterday afternoon. I’ll never learn my lesson with that drink. It is SO YUMMY. However, I might not drink it again at the turn of Daylight Saving Time. I really needed it this morning!

So that lack of sleep has me in a bit of a funk. Turtle-ish, more so than usual. So I am appreciating the warm weather and the gorgeous place where I live. I’ll appreciate Daylight Savings in a day or two, after my precious sleep schedule has adjusted properly.


daylight savings overdraft — 4 Comments

  1. yeah! i didn’t even know it was stupid spring forward til friday–color me out of the loop & stuff.

    what are you doing wednesday evening??

  2. ummm. yep! we’ve got a delivery your way–thinking we’ll be by b-ville in the evening, after 5 or so… we came thru last week, but i didn’t have yo # with me. plus, that was toooo short-a notice for your busy. y’all game??

  3. Flashback

    Just flashed to Aesop’s tortoise when I read Turtle-ish. Hee hee.

    Don’t worry. I don’t have a photo of that for facebook.


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