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This morning the sky was gray, everything was damp, and the air was cool.  I stepped outside in my pajamas and decided that this weather insisted on the celebration of ferns.  So, here is my sketch for the day, of a native fern that grows all about my house.  I think it is Dennstaedtia punctilobula, or hay-scented fern, but I am not certain.  When crushed it does smell of hay.  Really this is more of a drawing than a sketch, for I spent a good bit of time working on it, especially on the details of the little fronds.  As I worked the fern began to wilt and curl and lose it’s luster.  The gray weather made it easier to continue on with this quiet work, though some busy part of my mind was listing all the things that needed doing instead of this.  I am glad I stuck with the fern, even though we are now well into the afternoon!


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