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I’m trying to type but my daughter is dealing me a hand for rummy, the cards stacked neatly over the and w.   So I will have to make this quick!  I lived up to my micro-challenge of seven sketches for seven days, and already I can feel a small shift in my perception and inclinations.  Drawing more makes you want to draw more.  I think I will keep it up, and see what happens.  Yesterday I wrote in my journal:

 I’ve wondered today if the practice of drawing something everyday has created this sort of space through which energy can move, and perhaps, as is often the case, that energy, that doorway, creates a draft, a current, that stirs things up.

It does feel as if some part of myself is anticipating the continuance of this practice, so I will do my best.  See what walks through the doorway.  Keep the pathway clear.


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