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This morning I woke up on the other side of the nasty cold that has Renee still coughing. Last night it hit me hardest, and due to my achiness and snuffliness and grumpiness I stayed in bed from mid-afternoon on into the night.

That’s when I discovered online jigsaw puzzles. I put together countless puzzles last night, changing the shape of the cut—from classic to doves to lizards. I am addicted now to the satisfying click sound the puzzle makes when you get a piece right. Sometimes I think it is a very curious thing to be a human.

I’m going to spend a little bit of time this morning straightening and decluttering my bedroom and Renee’s. It will be so pleasant to have her room cleaned. Every time I walk past it I think poorly of myself. It may be curious to be a human, but it is even more curious to be a mother.

And on a side note: SCORE! I found a local and entirely reasonable boyfriend for my does! ($25 for stud service rather than $100)


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  1. oooo…I dreamt about them last night, giving birth. Pretty cool!

    In the meantime I need to get a buck rag to find out when they are in heat. Not too thrilled about what I’ve gotta do for that. ew.

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