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I’ve been doing my holiday shopping at Etsy.com and I just have to say that I’m finding all kinds of wonderful gifts for people that are usually very hard to shop for. Everything there is handmade and you buy direct from the seller. I’ve spent too much time lately doing shopping and more shopping (what is this? a special american post-thanksgiving shopping virus that I’ve contracted?) but it’s so fun! There are so many creative people out there making such cool stuff (sometimes I’m one of them) and shopping at Etsy inspires me! So, I’m spreading the good news.


Christmas Shopping — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent site! I’m feeling such retail creativity this year, I am aiming for many of my gifts to really be one-of-a-kind.This is perfect.

    I also recommend fashiondig.com for those vintage-lovers on your list. Everything from kitschy home accessories to millinery!

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