Last week I transformed a corner of my house.  Where previously there had been cluttered shelves and a large painting of daffodils in the snow, there is now a chalkboard:


This has been very useful in organizing our daily activities and also keeping track of what’s going on with everybody.  There’s a calendar on the facing wall:

Truly it’s been so helpful for me that I want to paint another one up in my room, for my own personal reminders and objectives.   Another practice that is helping me to keep track of myself (because really, I am ALL over the place) is a daily log.  This is my fourth day of keeping track of how I’m spending my time, and just that simple act helps me to make better use of it.

In other news, my older three kids’ birth mom will be making a visit tomorrow.  This will be the first time she’s seen them since she left them twelve years ago.  They were 8, 7, and 5 then.  Needless to say everyone is really nervous.   I have no idea how things will pan out.  Probably it will be a chaotic mix of wonderful and terrible.


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