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Hooray for December!  I find myself embracing the short days, the curl of my buttercream loveseat, the comfort of blankets and books.

some of my favorite Cayo Costa shells

Autumn is always so active, and we finished it off with a flourish–a trip to Cayo Costa, Florida for a week with our kids and their friends. The shelling was a never-ending treasure hunt!  I want to drill little holes in the tiny mussel shells and make necklaces from them.  They are so tiny and full of color.  The smallest magenta scallop in the middle is my favorite.  It’s just so cute and vibrant!

The sunsets were not to be missed.  This was our first night there, and the sunlight reflected off the clouds onto the water in breathtakingly beautiful swirls of light.

micron pen drawing of the beach at the end of Cemetery Trail on Cayo Costa Island

I spent a good while fleshing out this sketch with my Micron pens.  The beaches on Cayo Costa are undeveloped and wild, and the entire north end of the island is a state park.  The rest of the island is wilderness as well, with a handful of solar-powered homes. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of wildlife, though I saw plenty: dolphins, stingrays, armadillos, a gopher tortoise, a bald eagle, and innumerable osprey.  My daughter and her friends even saw a sea turtle!  (By the way, the US Fish and Wildlife Service reports on their Instagram page that “Green seaturtles are the comeback story of 2013! There were 62 nests in 1979 and this year there were 35,000 nests!”)

Hooray for the sea turtles!  Hooray for wild places and the state parks that protect them!  Hooray for micron pens and vacations,  sunset and shells!  And really, hooray that Autumn is over and Winter is here.  I am relishing in the  quiet schedule, the Christmas songs on the piano, the warmth of the wood stove, and the sunset of 2013.


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