Coyote Walks the In-Between

Coyote Walks the In-Between, a pastel by Stephanie Thomas Berry
Friends, I wanted so much to finish and post this painting on this strange and somber day, and I have done it.  My little offering. It is coyote, you know, the great Trickster, in a world of edges—the edge of night and day, the edge of water and earth, river and land. Fireflies hang like miniature lanterns. His one paw touches the luminous water and it is lit with the fire of his eyes, the power of his vision.

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Storm at Dusk

BRP Dusting #7: Storm at Dusk, by Stephanie Berry, part of her Blue Ridge Parkway Series

Dusk is approaching when I finally head up to the Parkway. The sky in the west is thickening with clouds, and strong winds push against the trees. Whole ridgelines turn a paler, flurried green as the undersides of leaves are blown about. Spruce trees stand dark and dramatic against the gray sky.

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Trillium Shaman

Trillium Shaman: a pastel painting by Stephanie Thomas Berry
I love Spring in the Southern Appalachians: the trilliums, the orchids, the mosses, the ferns. I love watching the early, many-hued palette of spring move up the mountainsides: brilliant chartreuse birches, delicate taupe-orange sarvisberry crowned with white flowers, golden sassafras, and of course the delicate magenta maple blossoms. Life awakens in a flourish of laughter.

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