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I thought my camera woes were over, but it seems that my camera is bent on making me grit my teeth. I"m so sad about it. It won’t go into playback mode (the button is shot, maybe?) so I can’t fix this other little issue whereby the little card is "not initialized" every time I pull photos off of it.  It’s like all this funky stuff that chants new camera, new camera, new camera.  

Actually I have two cameras.  One is this Fuji finepix 4900.  It’s a nice camera for me–way more than a point and shoot, but not super deluxe.  This is the one that is driving me nuts.  My other camera is a point and shoot, fine for what it’s meant to do, but no macro worth a damn, and for some reason it won’t connect to my computer.  So I have to put all the pics in J’s computer, and then transfer them to mine, usually by email.  And that takes forever. 

So.  If anyone wants to trade an nice used camera that they don’t use because they have a super deluxe camera in exchange for some art, let me know.  I’m so game right now.



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