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a mossy forest with fernsI feel like I am committing blog sins, and I need to confess. I had an amazing week in the studio, but I have no pictures and no posts to show for it.  I have poems in progress, but alas, no pictures there either.  The visual interest of a poem in progress is probably less than that of a dictionary page, anyway.  I am delving into some fabulous books and I feel like my path is leading me into a deep, brightening forest drenched in moss.  But I’m not going to write about those books, or my experiences, not just yet, because I need to go further into the forest before I come back and say, wow, I just saw the most beautiful thing.

I can say this, though. I am totally in love with the world.  This world, with all its blunders and poisons.  But I am also in love with the invisible world, all the things we can’t see, that we don’t know or can’t explain, but that circle around us and sometimes weave into our awareness a thread of beautiful synchronicity or mind-expanding epiphany.  By the way, did you know that the mantis shrimp can see 11 or 12 primary colors, instead of our 3?  They can see 10 times the color we see. I mention this to demonstrate the limitations of the human form.   We think we know everything that there is to know, in that every day mundane sort of way,  and yet we can’t see, or even imagine, all the color that there is in the world.  Those colors are invisible to us.  But they are there.

Imagine that.



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