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This year I trust that the perfect books to bring even more Light into my life will come into my hands and I will read them.

This year I trust that my body will be strong, vitalacious, and radiant. Expressive of the vibrant matter that is my body and the body of this Earth.

This year I trust that my relationships with my family, friends, and all people will be deeply fulfilling, joyful, and enriching.

This year I trust that my relationship with Nature will deepen, filled with powerful communication and beautiful experience.

This year I trust that my relationship with Spirit will deepen, and that I will discover new ways to ground Spirit-Light into matter.

This year I trust that my work–at home, in the garden, in the studio–will pour forth Joy and Wonderment, expressing newfound inner landscapes, weaving more Beauty, Power, Truth, Joy and Love into everything I create.

This year I trust that I will grow outside of my comfort range, move beyond limits into new territory.

This year I trust.


Blessed 2007, This Poet-Mother’s Resolutions — 4 Comments

  1. thanks for your comment, stephanie. so funny that we have time for each other in bits and pieces through our blogs but hardly time or focus when we see each other in person. the Diner was so packed, i could barely concentrate. but still – that’s part of the elation of this new beginning. always nice to check out your page here, and i especially love these gentle yet powerful affirmations here. hope the new year brings all that you trust it to bring!

  2. Thank you for the hand at my back!

    I’ve been a soup bowl the past couple of days, simmering thoughts about resolutions, and what exactly did I want to say, and how, and then finally last night it all slipped out. I almost made it a private entry, but changed my mind, which I’m glad I did because it seems more powerful to me, to put it out there. Just pressing the edges of my comfort zone, a little.

    Happy New Year!

  3. The Diner was delicious on every level. A favorite event of mine. And always good to see you, even if it is just for a moment.

    New Year Blessings!

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