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Though yesterday started downtrodden, it quickly became a fabulous day. I immersed myself in creativity–writing in the morning, working in the studio in the afternoon, and in the last hours of the day I drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is just some ten minutes from my home. I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, and blasted Beethoven’s piano concerto no. 5, the second movement of which has always been pure magic to me.

I hiked a ways down Bald Knob Trail and sketched some tall Red Spruce trees, their tops ladled with the last golden light of the day.  Then more driving, more Beethoven, more golden light.  I drove to where I could watch the sun set–something which is impossible to see from my own home.  Ah, the disadvantages of living at the foot of a mountain.

I sketched and then took some photos of a lovely grouping of hawthorn trees, some fruit still clinging to their thorny branches.  Since I am no photographer I was not able to capture the golden quality of the scene.  But I had fun messing around with one of the photos on my trusty computer, and rather like the result, though I won’t be able to even glance at this modified photograph while I work on the painting, as it will influence my memory of the scene.

hawthron at sunset

This was a sorely needed artist’s date!  When the moon is nearing full, I’ll take my kids on a late night drive on the Parkway.  We can bring blankets and hot chocolate and listen to the Pastoral Symphony on the way up.  Once outside, we will listen to the owls.


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