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  1. What a lovely picture you’ve painted with your words. Such tenderness, such love.

    Sometimes, when Evan calls me on the phone, he calls me “mama.” There’s a sweetness to his voice that breaks my heart. With all the shortcomings in my life, I cling to that love like an autumnal leaf clings to the tree. I know that, in time, the distance between us will widen to a gulf and the hugs and phone calls will become rare things indeed.

  2. sounds like a great way to spend an evening…
    glad to hear your sanctuary isn’t such a stronghold.
    btw, that sanctuary sounds delightful!
    we’re *still* in the midst of debris, et al.

    you are SO PRETTY!

  3. Yes. They become adults, don’t they? It’s why they are welcome to snuggle in my bed–not every night, but some nights, and certainly every morning–and it’s why I kiss them and run my fingers over their heads and all of that. Because this season will pass, as it should, I suppose, dammit, but I’ll have lived it well!

  4. Oh, we are getting so close to the end! I started painting a downstairs bedroom today, and the guys were putting in my skylight in my bedroom today, only Lowe’s sent us the wrong flashing kit—it’s two inches to wide. Seems like every building supply warehouse we use, whether the local Summit Lumber or Lowes, can manage to screw up an order good. That’s fine, though, because me and Smokey Joe (our wonderful builder) and his helper (who just happens to be my baby brother Sean) all sat outside at the end of the day drinking our daily homebrew to mark the end of the day, and we raised our bottles to Lowe’s screw up, not because it helped or anything, but just because–well–just because that’s what you do when you drink beer at the end of the day. You toast the day. So. Cheers, friend, and bottoms up!

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