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The morning brings rain, and a magnetism to the warmth of the bed that is hard to overcome. The kids end up being late for school, which in my mind is better than being thrust into an already slow-starting day with harried preparations for school. I managed to even pack Renee and McKinley their lunches, which I aspire to but rarely accomplish. Watching them walk down the driveway with their little healthful lunches swinging by their sides, I feel as if a little bit of me is going with them, nurturing them. Silly mama!

Anyway, I think that, aside from the rain and the warm bed, the main reason that I wanted to linger supinely is that I was having the most marvelous dream. I think it’s the best dream I’ve had in awhile. Curiously, all my best dreams always have animals as main players, and this one is no different. Animals have always been main players in my life; when I was a child, I had a menagerie of stuffed animals that were my constant companions. And my adult life is no different, except that none of them are stuffed (well, not yet, those precious goats might make it to that category). I was noting to my sister the other day that wherever I go I have an assortment of animals trailing my shadow. Oscar, my dog-friend of the highest degree, goes always where I do, and if it’s morning (feeding) time, watch out! There will be cats and hordes of chickens too. If the goats weren’t in their pen, they’d trot along, too, instead they are the bleah-eah-eah-ing audience. I am my own parade.

So the dream. The dream was a visit to my friend Nicole’s barn. Nicole and Gaelan are farmers, and this was an Open Barn Party, something I don’t think any farmer in their right mind would try, especially if they had as many animals as my friends had. Aside from the cow & calf, sheep, horse, pigs, cats, dogs, and chickens that they do have, in dreamtime, there were also mules, luminous white llamas, geese (that were wearing hats!), and various other chickens that appeared to be on the genetic fringes of the species. Their barn was beautiful, newly constructed, and I remember looking up and noting how the timbers supported the structure, the fine carpentry joints, the glow of the wood. It was not a huge barn, in any sense, but it was so well-designed that it met the needs of every animal and made the many tasks of animal husbandry flow easily for my friends. I was astounded with how much life the barn sheltered, and even got to pet one of those hat-wearing geese while watching Nicole scrub the bottom of a sick gosling in a tub of water.

In waking life, J and I are in the planning stages for building just such a barn. I don’t know about the mules, especially since, in my dream they pissed with the force of a fire hose, even dousing me at one point (are you noting the real life/dream life continuum?), but I sure would be into having some luminous white llamas, who I would name Angel and Cloud. But what I really want are those geese that wore hats, even if I had to scrub the bottoms of their offspring every once in awhile.


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