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Early this month I wrote that we would be taking it easy this December–meaning no real schoolwork, no studio work. The idea was that we would focus all of our energy on Christmas crafts and other such things, enjoying ourselves as we descended into the darkest of the year.

I learned quite a few things from taking this stance. First off, it is very difficult to take it easy in December if you plan on having even a half-normal Christmas. Some things always get me. Christmas Cards. Wrapping presents. Shipping presents. They got me this year, as usual, but really, that’s okay.

Another thing I learned is that my kids are rather adept at pursuing their own interests. This was delightful and encouraging to see. Stop motion, origami, piano, doll play, and lots of drawing.

But what was perhaps most interesting was the effect “taking it easy” had on me. I started meditating, every day. I found a daily exercise practice that feels good and totally manageable. I started writing down my dreams again. And for Christmas I received a marvelous little iPod, which is helping me keep track of time in all its facets, something I have ALWAYS had trouble with (which is why I run into certain troubles every Christmas!). So as I head into twenty-eleven I have some newly established practices that give me a sense of centered-ness and strength and a fancy new tool that greatly improves my relationship with time–though not necessarily my relationship with my husband. They just haven’t made the iHusband app yet!


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