What are the parts of you that are still wild? Untamed and Feral? Resistant as a zebra to the saddle?

For me, it’s my creativity.

It’s the part of my psyche that has remained wholly and unequivocally untamed, rooted in the wilderness of my own being, with no other will imposed upon it.

That has not been without its drawbacks, but as I approach four & a half decades on this marvelous Earth, I have to say there has been immense pleasure in walking through life knowing how to read the brilliant map that is my body.

And it’s true, the only paths I want to take are the ones that lead into the wilderness, those places inhabited only by wild animals, whether that landscape be external or internal.


We need wilderness. We need it outside of us and inside of us. Because otherwise we have no perspective—we become trapped, thoroughly domesticated—in a human-made world.

Finding and accessing the wilderness within us can be a lot trickier than driving to the nearest national forest and taking a hike. (Though oftentimes that’s all it takes.) But that’s my quest:

Creating pathways into the interior wilderness.

What you may find there may be startling, threatening even. It may be fleeting as a deer or hidden like the owl. But it will be transcendent. It will be potent.

It will be beautiful. 

I hope you will join me in my quest!


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