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It’s Saturday afternoon, drizzly and mellow. I’ve not done much today, but Andrew is working on the renovation that we started back in early August: tearing off the North end of the house, except for the roof, and rebuilding it. It’s one bedroom, the pantry, and the main entry into the house, and it was constructed–poorly–by the previous owners. So now there’s a real foundation, the supporting end wall, and a cement floor. Andrew is framing in one side wall today, with help from Mike. When it’s all done Renee and McKinley will have a real bedroom to share, instead of residing in the loft, which is neither quiet nor private. The bedroom used to be Alex’s–that’s my oldest daughter–and now she has a Pentangle up beside the house. A Pentangle is a Pentagram shaped house with triangular walls. Andrew built that for her this Summer.

Mike and Abby set up camp here round about the time we started renovating, and it’s been such a pleasure having them around. Abby is a mistress of the herbs, and altogether a delicious person. I remember early in her stay here she held open a half-gallon jar packed with red clover blossoms for me to smell. It was a sticky nectar rich sweet smell that made my eyes wide with delight and my mouth wide with smiling. It was just that amazing. I think I decided I loved her right then. I feel so supported just by her presence.

It’s a woman thing, really, and something I’m quite certain every woman could use more of. Girl friends are great, but sharing daily life and living space with another woman is powerful medicine. I know that Andrew has also benefited from having Mike around, too. They are both leaving by the end of next week, which makes me a bit mournful, but they’ll be back in the Spring to garden and celebrate another Appalachian Spring.

And I won’t be alone all winter, either. No, the furthest from that. Because Sarah, as in Incredible Sarah, as in Glowing Heart Sarah, is now residing in the loft space of my studio. She’ll be here through next summer, and I’ll have to write about the marvels of that some other day.


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