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I had a most wonderful love-filled weekend witnessing the marriage of my brother Stephen to his amazing bride, Stephenie.  I am so happy to call her my sister!  I was deeply honored when they asked me to prepare a send-off blessing for them, and have made a recording of it.  I also want to thank my sisters Sabrina and Susan for their help with my last minute editing.  Enjoy!

      Animal Guardians - Stephanie Thomas Berry

Animal Guardians: a Wedding Day Poem
for Stephen and Stephenie

fron the moment forward,
may you go forth with the bright dance of the French Angel Fish
swimming through the color of reef and ocean,
the dazzle of light mirroring your golden-trimmed bodies.
May you be synchronous in movement
and joined in purpose.

from this moment forward,
may you go forth steadfast as the penguin
in the bitterness of winter, through the cold and unending night,
may you walk through the darkness
and find warmth in each other.

from this moment forward,
may you go forth as true as the wolf
loping through the lush wilderness,
wild and determined you trail the scent of your desires.
May you know your song and in your loneliness
sing yourselves together.

from this moment forward,
May you go worth with the grace and thunder of swans
placid and serene of the surface of the waters
moving with force through the realm of Sky.
May your white wings carry you over earth and ocean
and wrap your children in protection.

form this moment forward,
may you go forth embraced in the love of all who stand here
radiant and lush with light and promise.
May this moment ripple out into your life together:
Love through sky
Love through storm
Love through wilderness and through  hunger
Love through night and through morning
Love the long path through
All your days to come.




A Wedding Poem — 6 Comments

  1. A beautiful poem from a beautiful mind for a beautiful occasion. I love you, sissy! By the way, I did manage to record approximately 32 seconds of this reading live before my phone ran out of space. Would you like me to post?

  2. It was a beautiful occassion! And I would love to see the video, but could you email it instead of posting? And thank ou! Xoxo

  3. I’m glad you liked it! My plan is to illustrate it as a broadside. Wouldn’t that make a lovely wedding present?

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